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Holly Northup was born to Emitt Northup on 08-26-71. She was married to Benjamin George Pierce (born 5-11-75) on 6-28-97. Holly and Ben have moved to Boise, Idaho.

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Ben and Holly Pierce Family

Children of Ben and Holly Pierce

Hayden Theresa Pierce B. 2-8-1998
Samuel George Pierce B. November 7, 2000
Zachary Emitt Pierce B. 7-26-2005
This is Holly with her Uncle Daryl's family at her wedding Left to right; Sky , Melanie (Levi's wife), Levi, Ben, Holly, Paulette, and Daryl
Holly and Ben's wedding Picture
Holly and her family at her wedding Left to Right; Adam, Deaun, Theresa, Ben, Holly, Emitt, Daisy, Casey